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We have created an award-winning lens-based beamforming system that enables high data rate communication. We are helping create a connected world with high data rate wireless internet for all.

What is Beamforming at Millimeter-wave?

Beamforming technology focuses a wireless signal towards a specific receiving device, rather than having the signal spread in all directions from a single or multi-antenna system.

Benefits of beamforming at mmWave

5G frequencies operating along the millimeter wavelength (mmWave) of the radio spectrum allows 5G to carry much more data at groundbreaking speeds.

Disruptive mmWave Beamforming Trends

In recent years , disruptive beamforming approaches have enables lower manufacturing and deployment cost, higher data rate, and better uniform service quality


A beamformer is a single or multi-antenna system that implements the beamforming technology to provide coverage in a wireless communication system.

The Tech

How Beamforming Resets Connectivity Performance in mmWave 5G

It is surprising to see what an array of co-located beamforming antennas can do to make sure that our wireless devices stay connected to the Internet. The high data rate demand of mmWave 5G mobile users can only be fulfilled using the beamforming technology. This technology can enable the fast and dynamic beam switching. The most common type of multi-antenna system is an array of half-wavelength spaced antenna connected to a single RF source via a network of power dividers, referred to as corporate-feed array.

More sophisticated beamformers involve a bank of phase shifters connected to each antenna element to add beamsteering capability to the corporate-feed array. Advanced beamformers involve digitally controlled phase shifters, lens structures, meta-surfaces, which improve the device performance.

Beamforming is essential for 5G infrastructure in 28 GHz and 38 GHz bands. At these frequencies, the free space path–loss is very high and requires a compensation in terms of very high antenna gain. A steerable beam at these frequencies can reliably serve a communication device in a much better way compared to an inefficient isotropic RF radiator.


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